Non-Slip Flooring Solutions

Providing Solutions Designed to Prevent Slips and Falls

If you run a business or school, a slippery floor could cost you a lot of money. Having a constantly slippery floor opens the door to lawsuits, and even if you win those cases, the legal fees will not be cheap. Non-slip floor coatings will protect you and your business financially, and they will protect everyone who enters your building from injury.

If you need non-slip flooring solutions in Palm Beach County, FL, you can't get better than Bee Safe Slip Pros. We have the best materials around and expert team members, so every installation goes without a hitch, leaving behind safer floors.

Prevent Future Falls

Anyone can be tripped up by a slippery floor, but if your business has a lot of elderly or disabled visitors, slippery floors become an even greater liability. Our floor coating adds texture to the floor, making it easier for shoes, wheelchairs, canes, and walkers to grip. This improved traction makes slips virtually disappear and protects your business legally in the event of a fall.

Our coatings can be applied to almost any surface, including marble, tile, wood, concrete, and granite. Better yet, our coatings don't leave behind any residue, so you don't have to sacrifice the look of your floor to make it safer. If you are worried about yourself or a family member slipping at home, our coating can even be used in houses.

Hire Our Specialists

While you can apply a non-slip coating yourself, it is safer to hire our professional installers to do it for you. As the substance is clear, you may struggle to tell if you've coated the entire floor. Any missed spots become even more dangerous as no one will expect them when walking across the floor. Our experts will ensure the coating is applied correctly to maximize the safety benefits.

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